for truly clean hands, clean your phone

Your cell phone is a breeding ground for germs, and you touch it hundreds of times a day. We developed the cleanstation to be quick enough to use while washing your hands for a truly effective cleaning routine.


clean in 30 seconds (no one is faster)

And it’s 99.9% effective across the entire surface of the phone! You won’t need to worry about germs surviving on the back and side surfaces. You won’t need to flip the phone for full sanitization. You won’t need to wait for 5 minutes or more — fast enough to use regularly throughout the day.

touch free. germ free.

Phone is automatically lowered and raised again when sanitized — all without you ever touching the device.

cleanstation - close up with phone
cleanstation - top view

clean and secure

An array of optical sensors automatically shut the powerful UV-C LEDs off if irregular movement is detected while laser-cut foam composite doors prevent UV-C light from escaping and dirt or dust from entering the omni-lux chamber.

sleek outside, big inside

The cleanstation is slim enough to fit exactly where you need it, like in the crowded area by a sink or on the entryway table — but the inner chamber is big enough to fit almost any phone (even with a standard case).

cleanstation - profile with phone
cleanstation - sensor pump

really clean together

Use the cleanstation next to our sensor pump for a complete touch free clean phone and clean hands routine. Done together, that's really clean.

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